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Erin Clancy, ACS CCP™ Bio

Erin Clancy ACS CCP

Erin Clancy ACS CCP

Erin Clancy, ACS CCP™ Bio

I started in cheese about 7 years ago. I started working at Whole Foods in the bakery and realized that slowly I was becoming friends with everyone in the Specialty department. When I moved to New York I transferred to the Specialty department. When I started in cheese I didn’t know much about it, or honestly, anything at all but I was lucky enough to work with some seasoned cheese folks. The cheesemongers took me under their wings and taught me about different cheeses and cheesemakers, plus I was able to try hundreds of cheese.

I think I had the “Ah-ha” moment when I was working at the Union Square Whole Foods as the cheese buyer and I had realized that slowly I had turned the entire full service case into a washed rind heaven. If you had asked me a year ago about washed rinds I would’ve told you I didn’t like them. But as my palate changed so did my ordering. I did have to change my case though. I realized only giving people the option of washed rind cheese wasn’t an option either.  🙂

I work at Whole Foods at the new Gilman location. I am the Team Leader of the Specialty Department. None of my days are typical because I work in all four of the sub-teams that are included in the Specialty department. Some days I stock beer or stock wine or order and stock housewares, but my favorite days are in cheese. Whether I am cutting and wrapping cheese, resetting our coffin case, resetting out cut-to-order RRB, doing a few orders here or there, or helping customers it’s my favorite. During the holidays it gets a bit crazy with my schedule. For instance, yesterday I reworked my cheese coffin, reworked my RBB, made some cheese dips, cut some cheddars, and helped build a wine endcap. Tonight I have an overnight to cut parm and other hard cheeses so the next few days (it’s the Sunday before Christmas….) all we have to do is concentrate on customer service and cutting cheese to order instead of worrying about cutting down a parm, pecorino, 40lb blocks of cheddar, etc.

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