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Singleton’s Double Gloucester

Double Gloucester

Double Gloucester

Vegetarian – Suitable Cheese

Today The Lady and The Man shared Singleton’s Double Gloucester with me. They ate it along with fresh bell peppers from the garden and rice crackers. I ate mine on the deck and kept watch for a tasty Rattus norvegicus to accompany mine. Alas, none came along.

However, this golden cheese has a strong and savory taste. The Lady explained to The Man, who pretended to care, that the difference between a single and a double Gloucester is that the single is made with skimmed milk and the double with whole milk which makes its fat content slightly higher and less crumbly than the single. Also the double is aged longer, which makes its flavor stronger.

Double Gloucester is sometimes layered with Stilton to make English Huntsman’s Cheese.

Double Gloucester cheese is also used every spring for the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, a dangerous sport that takes place on a steep Gloucestershire hillside. The thick rind makes it ideal for this wacky humankind event.

Rolling the Double Gloucester

Rolling the Double Gloucester

I give the Singleton’s Double Gloucester Three Paws out of Four Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

While The Lady and The Man were enjoying their cheese, they discussed their adventures of the day. The Lady had the day off and she and The Man spent the morning doing something called “Checking out the Competition”. They visited a stand-alone cheese shop and two other cheese shops inside other specialty grocers (think “health food”). They found the cheese selection The Lady has at her Kiosk was competitive in quality, selection and price. They also stopped by the Kiosk at one of the other stores owned by the grocer for which The Lady works. Their Kiosk was the same size and The Lady saw a few differences that gave her some ideas. Also, the Cheese Stewards were wearing Berets, which The Lady really liked.

Even though I miss The Lady during the day, her new job makes her happy and that’s a good thing. The Brain seems to think it’s a positive sign that humankind is not a total lost cause…

Wine and Beer Pairings for Singleton’s Double Gloucester:

Wine: Syrah, Sancerre, Rioja, Riesling, Tawny Port

Beer: Robust Brown Ales such as Sam Smith Nut Brown, Shipyard Brown or Brooklyn Brown

Fat Content: 48%

Source: Cow’s Milk

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