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My Favorite Cheese Videos

Being grounded doesn’t curtail my internet use and gives me more time to explore. I decided to check out and see what kind of fare it had to offer in the area of cheese videos.

Here are a few I found that struck my fancy:

“Who Cut the Cheese” from Two and a Half Men, a sitcom that The Lady and The Man watch and LTAO…it is a funny show. As you might guess The Man also thinks this is a funny video, humankind men in general find this humor more appealing than the humankind women:

Bud Light Wine and Cheese Party Commercial:

“You Sexy Thing”:

The Copper HIll Cheese Roll, 2008.

The English who gave us Caerphilly, Hard Goat Cheddar and Benny Hill sure have a strange concept of a fun Sunday afternoon stroll in the park:

and what cheese video blog would be complete without the classic Monty Python Cheese Shop Sketch:

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