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The Kerrygold Family of Cheeses – Part Four – Blarney Castle


Blarney Castle Cheese

Blarney Castle Cheese


It is said that if you kiss the Blarney Stone you will be blessed with the “Gift of Gab”, also referred to as “eloquence” or skill at persuasion. Had The Lady used a little more “blarney” this past week, perhaps she would have sold a couple more $$ of cheese and been Number 1 in sales rather than coming in second by one lousy (The Lady used a much more colorful word when she saw the sales report) dollar. She has quite the competitive soul…

The Blarney Stone is a block of bluestone built into the battlements of the Blarney Castle located about eight kilometers from Cork, Ireland. There are at least six different legends of how the stone came to be in the Blarney Castle…probably all a result of someone kissing too many Guinness as opposed to kissing the stone.

However, it is the area around the Blarney Castle that gives us the verdant pastures where Irish Dairy cattle roam free and give Kerrygold the milk that makes yet another wonderful Irish cheese. Supposedly the Castle was built to protect these rolling hills and meandering streams of sparkling pure water…it may sound like blarney, but it’s true.

Kerrygold Blarney Castle cheese is mild and creamy, similar to young Gouda. It shares a smooth texture with Gouda as well and melts on the palate if you take your time enjoying its delicate flavor.

It is suitable for vegetarians as a natural vegetable rennet is used to start the cheese making process.

I give Blarney Castle 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got). It might have been 4 Paws were The Lady and I not so partial to Aged Gouda.

Serving Suggestions: You can do most anything with this cheese; it’s great on a sandwich – grilled or otherwise; as a table cheese it can stand up to the other cheeses vying for attention; put it in quiche; cube it in a salad. Because it is an excellent melting cheese you can shred it over a baked potato or a bowl of chili. The Lady likes it with grapes and pears and cashews.

Wine pairings: Sauvignon Blanc

Beer Pairing: Harp

Source: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk

Please note: The picture I used shows Blarney Castle as a wheel. Currently it is manufactured and sold as a loaf.

Up next: Kerrygold Ivernia

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