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Tillamook Ice Cream

So…I know I’m wandering off the reservation with this review…and I place every bit of the blame right smack dab at the feet of The Lady…when The Lady decided to un-retire and return to the 9 to 5 (yea…right) life, she made a deal with The Man. The deal was that she would bring home the proverbial bacon and The Man would clean the house. The Lady prefers a housekeeper but The Man doesn’t like “strangers” in his house ( this “position” by The Man greatly amuses The Brain and The Mothership in general…but I digress).

As it turned out…and I could have gone to Vegas and laid down this bet; but no sports book in town would have taken this bet…The Lady is not satisfied with the quality of The Man’s housekeeping. I believe I speak for everyone who knows The Lady even a little when I say, “What a surprise.”

In order to not offend The Man and to get the house cleaned to her satisfaction, The Lady has taken to throwing dinner parties every few weeks. Part of the “prep work” for dinner includes a more “thorough” house cleaning than The Man provides. Last night she threw one of her dinner parties and that is how I came to taste and thus review Tillamook Ice Cream…perhaps a too long explanation; but that is part of my charm…

After a dinner of fresh field greens (aka “weeds” according to The Man) from their CSA Farm Share with fresh, raw asparagus and fresh bell peppers tossed with Modena Balsamic Vinegar and EVOO, a mixed grill of Pork Loin Chops and Wild Caught and Sustainable Copper River Salmon (both grilled) with fresh CSA Farm beet slaw and grilled asparagus. Quite simple; quite healthy and quite eco-friendly.

Dessert was fresh strawberries and a trio of Tillamook Ice Cream Scoops: Vanilla Bean, Udderly Chocolate (what an udderly cute name) and Oregon Strawberry. The Lady and The Man had a discussion regarding whether or not they should let me have ice cream and decided, “What the hell? Either he’ll eat it and like it or he’ll drag it into his litter box and bury it.”

My first question is, Why has The Lady been holding out on me???… Withholding one of the most sublime frozen creations humankind and bovine have ever made… I have seen The Lady and The Man eating ice cream in the past and didn’t have a clue…if I had only known sooner…so many ice creams…so few dessert times…

Let me begin with Vanilla Bean…According to The Lady, Vanilla is America’s favorite flavor of ice cream. I can dig that…I have never tasted vanilla before but it is creamy, delish and the flakes of vanilla bean are exciting to this feline foodie’s palate. The Lady did not share the fresh strawberries with me; but I understand why humankind would pair Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with fresh berries, cake, pie and just about anything else along the food chain…I wonder how Vanilla Bean would pair with Gyps fulvus? My money says it would go together quite well…

Next up: Udderly Chocolate. Udderly delish. I now fully appreciate the hoopla over chocolate and why humankind males shower humankind females with chocolate…it is to die for…there is nothing left to say…chocolate is one of the best things you can put in your mouth…

Last, but far from least: Oregon Strawberry. Can you imagine anything better than fresh strawberries and Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream? I can’t…well maybe Mustela putorius furo (aka the “little thief”) and Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream…and let me say one more time, I played absolutely no part in the disappearance of Jennifer’s Mustela putorius furo… absolutely nothing…I swear…

I can die happy…ice cream, glorious ice cream…

This feline foodie gives all three Tillamook Ice Cream 4 Paws out of 4 Paws…could I rate them any less…absolutely not!!!

Serving Suggestions: As a dessert or alone morning, noon or night.

Pairing Suggestions: Just about anything goes with ice cream.

Source: Moo Juice

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