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Beecher’s World’s Best Mac n Cheese and Sunday Brunch

Beecher's World's Best Mac n Cheese (before cooking)

Beecher's World's Best Mac n Cheese (before cooking)

As you know, The Lady has allowed two interlopers to invade the manse. As of today, they have been here torturing me for an entire week…will it never end…

And just when I was adjusting to Miss Anne and her constant wanting to pet me…what does she think I am, a pet???…in walks an entire brigade of humankinds who came for Sunday Brunch…it seemed to me that there were hundreds of them…but in reality I can’t be sure as I was under the bed and didn’t venture out…

The tall guy known as Dad or Richard is the brother of another tall one named Marv and they were doing some brotherly bonding…or some such nonsense that brings pleasure to humankinds. Marv brought his family with him and he has a big family in all sizes and ages.

The Lady and Miss Anne fixed brunch for the crowd and horror of horrors, they served two of my favorites from Beecher’s:  No Woman , Marco Polo and Rogue Creamery’s Smoky Blue…for a second I thought The Lady had lost her mind and was sharing the last of the Rogue River Blue but thank the cheese gods, she saved that for me… but did she have to let them eat my No  Woman??? She can be so annoying…there had better be No Woman left for me or The Lady will be sleepless in Vancouver tonight…

When the throng arrived they were served the cheese plate as mentioned above with 34° Rosemary Crispbread as an appetizer.

The Lady's Signature Salad

The Lady's Signature Salad

Then they moved on to The Lady’s “signature” salad of field greens (aka “weeds” according to The Man), baby spinach, red seedless grapes, mushrooms and pecans topped with crumbled White Stilton Lemon Zest cheese and a dressing of Modena Balsamic Vinegar and EVOO.

The main course was Beecher’s World’s Best Mac n Cheese  (and everyone agreed it is indeed the World’s Best)which The Lady made using the recipe in Kurt’s Pure Flavor Cookbook; one with dried Chipotle Peppers crumbled on top and one plain. Both were gobbled up and everyone was asking for more… lucky for me and the sleeping schedule of The Lady, she saved some for her favorite feline foodie…that would be me.

The meal ended with bite size brownies, biscotti, Pepperidge Farm Milanos and a selection of Tillamook Ice Creams.

Finally as my afternoon snack time came and went (which I missed…thank you very much…) they left…all except Miss Anne and the tall guy…I hear Miss Anne calling me now…sheesh…

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