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My Tillamook Cheese Plate

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Tillamook Cheese Platter Tillamook Cheese Plate 2







The Lady does indeed love this Feline Foodie. Last night as a snack, she fixed up a Tillamook Cheese Plate with three of my favorites: Cheddar with Peppercorns, Smoked Cheddar and Extra Sharp Cheddar.

To keep The Man appeased she threw in the Horseradish variety, which just about made The Man weep. He does love his horseradish and when you combine it with Tillamook, you can never go wrong…

As you can see below, The Lady was unable to get a picture of me with my head not moving…that’s because I was scarfing down those tasty morsels so fast, her lens couldn’t stop the action…

This Feline Foodie gives the Tillamook Cheese Plate 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got)…

Snacking on My Tillamook

3 comments on “My Tillamook Cheese Plate”

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  2. Tamar

    My kitties like the occasional piece of string cheese! : ) I also enjoy letting one of my kitties “blog” for me while I was on vacation back in October!

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