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Cambozola Black Label

This past week The lady received several new cheeses for the holidays and one of those is Cambozola Black Label from the German Kaserei which also makes the Blue Label Cambozola and the Champignon Mushroom Brie. I have already reviewed the new offerings from Sartori and will review the remainder over this weekend.

Like the Blue label, Black Label is a triple crème with blue gorgonzola veins throughout. That’s where the likeness ends and heaven begins. Black Label is sublime; it melts on the palate and leaves you begging for more.

This cheese is smaller in circumference than its Blue Labeled Sister and stands taller. It is cold-ripened in special cold caves. It has a natural gray mold rind. The taste is nutty and sweet.

Mary, who is owned by a dozen of my East Coast Quadrant comrades, loves the Blue Label. Well, Mary, hold onto your socks; this one is going to make you crazy.

The Lady made a Modena Balsamic Reduction (see video below) and drizzled it over this baby – wow, The Man and I thought we had died and gone to the cheese mine heavens…heaven, I’m in heaven…

I give Cambozola Black Label 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got…most days that’s all I need…)

Serving Suggestions: In addition to the Modena Reduction, you can also drizzle some honey over this cheese after spreading it on a slice of crusty French bread.

Wine Pairing: The Lady served the CBL with a David Hill Winery Tawny Port.

Beer Pairing: The Man drank a Rogue Chocolate Stout with his CBL.

Cat Pairing: I sipped on a 2009 Washington State Tap Water while licking this cheese off Beecher’s Hazelnut Crackers.

Source: Cow’s Milk

Up next: Bavarian Blue Brie

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