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Vincent Aged Gouda Fondue

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Give The lady a new Fondue pot and what does she do… she starts making Fondue like there is no other cheese dish in the world.

However, at least she knows what she is doing…

Last night for New Year’s Eve and her birthday, she decided to make a fondue exclusively using Vincent Aged Gouda…I suppose the “aged” and “birthday” was a subconscious ping in her decision…

Here’s what she did:


1 Cup King Fish California Chardonnay which she simmered on the stove with a few garlic chips. (She strained the garlic out before adding the wine to her roux base.

1 Tablespoon Tillamook Butter and 1 Tablespoon flour to make her roux base. She melted the butter over a medium/low heat and added the flour which she cooked for about 5 minutes until a golden color. She stirred the roux base using a whisk.

Next she added the simmering wine to the roux base and whisked it until nice and mixed.

Then she added 24 ounces of Vincent Aged Gouda which she had cubed.

She stirred until the cheese was melted and the fondue was a nice, creamy mixture.

She served the fondue with French Baguette (also cubed), apple cubes, pear cubes, raw broccoli, raw cauliflower, raw carrots and cubed Summer Sausage.

As usual The Man swooned and a licked my plate clean.

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