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Asiago Fresco Mitica

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4/13/2013 – Please see the comment below. Our thanks to Dennis for “setting the record straight” – the photo is removed and we look forward to getting another chance at tasting the “real thing”. We really appreciate you taking the time to comment and apprceciate your comments. Marcella

The third cheese on the Whole Foods cheese plate The lady prepared for The Man and me was Asiago Fresco Mitica.

Quite frankly, I expected more from this cheese. It is a DOP protected cheese from Italy, made in the traditions of the Italian cheesemakers.

It is a young Asiago and semi-firm; unlike the Asiago d’Allevo which is aged, aromatic and quite wonderful. The Lady sells the aged version and offers it grated as well as wedged.

Perhaps it was just this cut of cheese but it was bland, rubbery and had no aroma and almost no taste.

It was just a piece of nothing cheese.

I give this particular wedge of Asiago Fresco no Paws as it deserves none.

Serving Suggestions: I’ll reserve suggestions until The Lady finds another outlet so I can compare wedges and then make my pronouncements…

4 comments on “Asiago Fresco Mitica”

  1. smike

    Have you tried toasting it? It gains so much more flavor when melted and crunchy.

  2. marcella

    We have learned at The Manse, the same cheeses taste different on different days and used in different ways. Thanks for the suggestion to toast it… we’re in Seattle this week and will ferret out a wedge and give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

  3. montitrentini

    Hello, Marcella. I am the owner of Monti Trentini USA. We are the importing subsidiary of Casearia Monti Trentini, Grigno, Italy. We make over 15 types of cow’s milk cheese at our factory there, in northeastern Italy.

    I saw your write up of Mitica brand Asiago Fresco. However, your picture uses a photo of our brand, Monti Trentini.

    We previously did sell our brand to Whole Foods and Murray’s Cheese Shop. At our time at Whole Foods, it became their 4th highest volume cheese. However, they elected to switch brands to save money, thinking that the consumer, like you, would not recognize the change in quality. They began to buy this Mitaca brand, which is the name used for all cheeses imported by another US importer. That cheese actually came from a company in Italy called Latteria Trevigiana. But now it is difficult to even find the cheese at most Whole Foods stores, as many have dropped the product.

    Unfortunately, it is as you said, “bland, rubbery, without taste.”

    The reason? If you note in the picture of our cheese in your article, the Asiago Fresco should have naturally-forming irregular sized holes in the product. These holes come from the proper micro-bacterial activity in the cheese as it ages with the proper moisture content and enzymes. I don’t believe that the Mitaca product will have these holes as the cheese retains too much moisture (whey). But the cost of water is cheaper than butterfat, so the product can be bought for less.

    You are buying whey, not butterfat. Hence, no aroma ….. no taste.

    Unfortunately, the Whole Foods and Murray’s Cheese Shops of the world think that the consumer will never no the difference and that “all Asiago’s are the same, since they are all DOP”. However, I simply ask, “All Champagnes are the same, all DOC, but do they all taste the same?” Obviously not, as Moet White Star is certainly not Cristal, in quality or price.

    I would be more than happy to send you some Asiago Fresco and Asiago Vecchio (D’Allevo) so you may give us another chance.

    In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate it if you could remove the picture of our brand in your post here.

    Take care, and continued success with your site.

    Dennis Panozzo
    Monti Trentini USA

  4. marcella

    Dennis, Thanks so much for commenting – we really appreciate and respect them. It’s been awhile since we wrote that review, but unfortunately, I still remember how disappointed we were in that cheese…
    We would be honored to have the opportunity to taste your cheeses. If you could contact me at my email, I will happily send you my address.
    I have removed the photo as requested.
    Marcella – marcellathecheesemonger (@) gmail.com

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