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Fromager d’Affinois with Garlic and Herbs

I previously reviewed Fromager d’Affinois, a French Double Crème that has the texture of a triple crème because Guilloteau, the cheese maker, ultrafiltrates the milk to remove some of the water before the cheese-making process begins. This creates a cheese so creamy and silky that it makes this Feline Foodie weep with gratitude.

Well if you like garlic and herbs added to your soft-ripened cheese, then this version of d’Affinois is the cat’s meow. The garlic and herbs (de Provence would be my educated palate’s guess) are strong, especially the garlic, but not to the point of diminishing the enjoyment of the cheese.

This was one of the small pieces The Lady bought at Whole Foods last week and we should have eaten it sooner… our bad… and not Whole Foods. It had an ever-so-slightly ammoniated after-taste which double crèmes tend to get as they age. The Man didn’t detect the taste nor the aroma but this Feline Foodie with my super-duper sniffer did pick-up on the ammonia. In fact, of the five pieces we sampled on the cheese board today, this was The Man’s favorite. The ammonia taste wasn’t enough to detract from the enjoyment of this cheese; but let it be a warning to not let these fragile soft-ripened cheeses languish in the fridge. Eat them and enjoy them when you bring them home…

I give Fromager d’Affinois 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: On a warm French Baguette or a 34° Lemon Zest Crispbread (which will be reviewed next).

Wine Pairing: Chardonnay which pairs well with the garlic in the cheese and with the cheese as well.

Beer Pairing: Sam Adams Winter Lager

Source: Cow’s Milk

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