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The Long, National Golf Nightmare is Coming to an End…

…and The Lady wept…

Tiger Woods is returning to golf next month at The Masters.

As many of you know, The Lady’s fondest adult memories with Joel, her brother (May he rest in peace), revolve around The Masters and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches.

A perennial favorite at the concession stands at Augusta National is pimento cheese sandwiches which are one of the least expensive delicacies offered  – still about a buck ($1.00) served on everyday white bread and wrapped in green (of course) waxed paper.

The Lady has the weekend off and has already begun her plans for watching The Masters:

  • every television is the house must be tuned to CBS;
  • she will be wearing a “Vintage” Tiger Woods shirt that belonged to Joel (she had two Augusta National shirts that Joel bought on one of his several coveted days at the April event, thanks to the late Ernest Vandiver – but she gave them to her friend Geoff who is an avid golfer);
  • no errands;
  • the phones are turned off;
  • no one in and no one out;
  • and of course, Pimento Cheese Sandwiches and Southern Fried Chicken.

Ahh, The Man and I rejoice that Tiger is returning to golf; The Lady hasn’t been the same on Sunday afternoons around the manse… Life returns to normal…

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