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Hotcha Shrimp Salsa

The Lady felt this soon-to-be released salsa from Kelly and Hotcha Salsa deserved its own review…and because The Lady was selfish and wouldn’t share with her favorite Feline Foodie, I’m not able to add my thoughts other than this: I caught a glimpse of this salsa and there were so many shrimps in each bite, I drooled…

The Man is allergic to shrimp (which makes him very sad) and that meant that only The Lady, The Chef and The Infamous Pink Barron (I’m still not ready to tell…) were the ones to sample and therefore, express their opinions regarding this salsa from Hotcha.

First thought, this is more of a Mexican-style Shrimp Cocktail. In the six-ounce container there were no less than 14 large shrimp; not those popcorn thingies, we’re talking shrimps.

The Lady, The Chef and especially The Pink Barron LOVED this latest creation from Hotcha. Everyone agreed, this is a meal in and of itself.

There was just enough heat to make it interesting but not too much for the average spicy food lover. The blend of chucky tomato, onion, garlic and herbs and spices was beyond perfect: this is a shrimp dish made in heaven.

I suspect that The Lady would eat this for dinner every night of the week if given the chance, which would really bum The Man and cause this Feline Foodie to consider some drastic measure to make The Lady share.

Once this salsa hits the market, Kelly and her crew at Hotcha will have to work overtime to fill the orders that fly through the door. The Gulf of Mexico fishermen will be adding shrimp boats to their fleets; the San Joaquin Valley farmers will be working day and night; the garlic farmers of Gilroy will be adding planters and pickers; I could go on and on, but you get my drift…

Hotchas Shrimp Salsa is the best; hands down…

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FTC Full Disclosure – The cheesemaker/manufacturer sent me their product, hoping I would review the product/cheese.

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