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A Rogue Creamery Cheese Plate That’s Not Singing the Blues

Not long after The Lady became a Cheese Steward she attended a DPI seminar that included cheese tastings with several cheesemakers and cheese experts. I wrote about this in a post that discussed the importance of terroir.

One of the speakers was David Gremmels, President of the American Cheese Society and one of the owners of the Rogue Creamery located in Central Point, Oregon. The Lady was struck by his level of passion regarding cheese, in general, and especially the cheeses he makes. He treated the group to three cheeses that were not blues, the cheeses most associated with the Rogue Creamery.

After much haranguing from her favorite Feline Foodie (that would be me), The Lady brought wedges of those three cheeses home for moi to sample and review.

The first I sampled is a recent addition to the long list of wonderful cheeses that Rouge Creamery makes: Tou Velle. Tou Velle is a sharp cheddar made from raw cow’s milk and is sweet, nutty and creamy. It melts on the tongue and would be delightful when added to your favorite mac n cheese recipe.

A bit of trivia: this cheese is named after Tou Velle State Park in Southwest Oregon; not too far from the Rogue Creamery.

Second on this Rogue Creamery Cheese Plate was Lavender Cheddar. I was surprised lavender could successfully be added to cheddar; but Rogue Creamery has done it. In fact, this combination is so good, it won a 3rd Place Award in 2009 from the American Cheese Society.

The lavender flavor is subtle and the cheese is very creamy. The Lady and The Man ate it atop a Beecher’s Hazelnut Cracker and pronounced the pairing a good choice.

Last, and certainly not to be considered less than the other two was the Chocolate Stout Cheddar, which combines three winners: cheese, chocolate and beer!! How can you go wrong??? Well, you can’t with this cheese. It’s hoppy, yeasty, creamy and chocolatey… woohoo!!

Three great cheeses from David and the gang at Rogue Creamery. The Lady wishes she sold these at the kiosk, but alas, she doesn’t and has to sneak into the competition to buy them for her favorite Feline Foodie.

I give these three non-bluesy cheeses from Rogue Creamery 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: The three of these on a cheese plate are a definite winner. You could make it better by adding Oregon Blue to the plate.

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