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Uniekaas Gold Label Extra Old Gouda

The Lady sure does love the aged Goudas and so do I. Today she brought a wedge home from Uniekaas: Gold Label Extra Old Gouda. This is a cheese she carries on the cheese island, “BH-Adjacent” to her kiosk.

It reminded me of Parrano Robusto both is color and texture. This cheese has those crystals I love that just pop the flavor on your palate. And like Parrano, this cheese tastes like a cross between aged gouda and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

In fact, after we enjoyed this cheese with Vinta Crackers from Dare, she shredded the rest and served it tossed with some asparagus, broccoli, sweet onion and garlic that she had sautéed in the wok as part of dinner (generally she uses BelGioioso’s American Grana atop veggies). Because I am not a fan of veggies, I licked the gouda off and found it to be quite satisfying melted.

I give Uniekaas Gold Label Extra Old Gouda 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: On a cheese board, it is perfect with crackers and pears. The Lady told The Man that she thought this cheese was pretty inter-changeable with Parm-Reg and she would use it on pasta and atop veggies (as described above)

Wine Pairings: This is a robust cheese and you would want a robust cab such as Washington State’s Amavi Cellars Cabernet – especially the 2005 offering.

Beer Pairings: A Belgium Dubbel would be perfect with this cheese.

Source: Cow Milk

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