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34° Whole Grain Crispbread Crackers

Before I begin this review, I must step aside for a moment and address my critics and let those same critics in on a secret… unless a cheese or cheese “accessory” is so bad that I cannot (in good conscience) withhold such information from my loyal readers, I rarely give out bad reviews.  I follow some sage advice I received from The Brain when beginning my blog journey, “If you can’t say something nice, then keep your paws to yourself”. So to those of you who are criticizing me for only saying “nice things” in my reviews, there are plenty of cheeses and other items that ended up in the litter box and not in the blog. Rest assured that if I say “nice things”, that means that “nice things” were earned… and let me add, you might find something important to worry about and not how I write my blog… after all it’s my blog and not yours… but I digress…

Robert from 34° Crispbread did a demo of his crackers at The Lady’s store recently and sent a box of their new 34° Whole Grain Crispbread Crackers home for your favorite Feline Foodie (that would be me) to taste and possibly review.

As many of you know from earlier reviews of 34° Crackers, they are a perennial favorite around the manse and for good reason: they are a perfect “cheese accessory”. They don’t overpower the cheese with too much flavor and yet you always know they are there and carrying their fair share of the load.

The Whole Grain is yet another fine example of 34° knowing how to make one fine cracker. Each serving of these Whole Grain Crispbread contain 12.86 grams of whole grain which is the equivalent of 15% of the US RDA. Each serving consists of 8-10 crackers and contain only 35 calories. That is 0 points on Weight Watchers!! And there are only three simple ingredients: 100% Whole Wheat flour, cheese and salt.

With that profile, let me ask you: what’s not to like about this healthy little crackers?

AND they’re yummy!!

This Feline Foodie gives 34° Whole Grain Crispbread Crackers 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got… and it’s all I need to get the job done…)

Serving Suggestions: The Lady served these with those also yummy goat cheeses from Rhonda Gothberg and Gothberg Farms.

FTC Full Disclosure – The cheesemaker/manufacturer sent me their product, hoping I would review the product/cheese.

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