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Ford Farm Smoked Dorset Red

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Vegetarian Suitable

The Lady and I are big fans of the Coastal Cheddar made by Ford Farm in the Dorset area on the English Channel. When she came across Dorset Red at Costco, she thought we would also like this cheese. The Man and I are more enthusiastic when it comes to smoked cheese; The Lady can take it or leave it depending on her mood. The Dorset red falls into that category; she wasn’t moved by the cheese. That being said, The Man and I scarfed it down and with The Lady out of the equation, it meant more for us. Boohoo…

Like Red Leicester, Dorset red isn’t red. It’s deep amber with a red rind that develops as this cheese naturally smokes over oak chips. The texture is creamy and the taste is smoky with a tangy finish that lingers on the palate. You know it’s a cheddar; the smoke doesn’t overpower the cheese.

The Lady served it with Dare Cabaret Crackers and apricot preserves.  The Man swooned; I clawed my way to a full share… we were happy campers…

I give Dorset Red 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: I am hoping this will end up in one of the April is Grilled Cheese Month recipes. I also would like this in a mac n cheese. As with most cheddars, you can use this cheese in almost any recipe and the smoky flavor will kick the recipe up more than a notch…

Wine Pairing: The Lady suggests Zinfandel with this cheese.

Beer Pairing: Robust Brown Ale

Source: Cows that graze on the Ashley Chase Estate on the Southern Coast of England.

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