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“April is Grilled Cheese Month” #15: The Tax Man Cometh Grilled Cheese

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The Lady and The Man do a lot of talking about “taxes”; usually in these conversations The Lady does a lot of name-calling… primarily referring to the government-types as “rat ass bastards”… she’s not a fan… Today is “D-Day” for taxes in the USA… gotta pay them today; if you don’t, the “rat ass bastards” will surely make you pay more later…

To pay homage to this day, I thought an All-American grilled cheese was the order of the day:

Wonder Bread


Henning’s Wisconsin Medium Cheddar*

Ham – thinly sliced


For simple instructions on how to assemble a perfect grilled cheese sandwich,please click here.

Visit Henning’s Website.

* The Lady visited Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese while in Wisconsin in 2010. We reviewed several of their cheeses, although the one used here wasn’t on the Henning’s Cheese Plate The Lady designed.

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