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A Cheese Plate For Your Royal Wedding Party

With the Royal wedding looming on April 29th, The Lady decided to create a Cheese Plate for the Prince and his Princess-to-be… and for your own Royal Wedding Party on April 29th while watching the festivities live via cable and satellite. The Lady expanded the cheese plate to accommodate the guest list, in the event the Royal Family decides to follow her choices. For a more intimate event in your own living room, you might want to choose only 4 or 5 cheeses.

Most of these cheeses are available through Neal’s Yard Dairy in London. In Portland, Oregon, we suggest you contact the fine folks at The Cheese Bar in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood. In Seattle, we recommend Calf and Kid Artisan Cheese Shop on Capitol Hill or in the Ballard neighborhood Savour Specialty Foods. In Manhattan, visit Murray’s for most of these cheeses. You can also order cheese online from Murray’s.

The first group are cheeses I recommend but have not as yet reviewed.

Anne and Andy Wigmore’s Waterloo – Buttery at the edges with a fresher, lactic center. Oozes near the rind and becomes firmer at the center. Made with raw Guernsey cow’s milk and vegetable rennet. This cheese is made on the Duke of Wellington’s Estate in Riseley by Village Maid Cheese.

Charlie Westhead and Haydn Roberts’ Finn – Made with unpasteurized cow’s milk. Fresh and creamy with a rich double cream texture. Mushroom flavor develops as this cheese ripens. This cheese is named after the cheesemaker’s dog.

Greenacres Farm’s Golden CrossMade using raw goat’s milk and vegetable rennet. Velvety texture; goaty and citric with a sweet finish. This cheese is similar to St. Maure, which The Lady sells at her kiosk.

Laurel Farm’s Stinking Bishop – Pasteurized cow’s milk and vegetable rennet. It has a pungent smell with a gentle and subtle tasting paste. This cheese can ooze or run with age. This cheese was inspired by a cheese made by Cistercian monks in the English Village of Dymock. Although this cheese is indeed stinky, the name comes from variety of pears used to make the Perry solution used to wash the cheese.

Berkswell – Made with raw sheeps milk and traditional animal rennet. This cheese is rich, sweet and nutty with a pineapple finish. The texture can be grainy and depending on age, it can range from soft and moist to quite firm and drier.

The following group of cheeses for your Royal wedding Cheese Plate are all recommended and I have reviewed them. Click on any of them for my thoughts.

Appleby’s Raw Milk Cheshire from Neal’s Yard

Ford Farm’s Coastal Cheddar

Lincolnshire Poacher

Ford Farm’s Dorset Red

Shropshire Blue

Stichelton Blue

The Lady, The Man and I have our own Royal Wedding Party planned for the wee hours of April 29… along with a few hundred million others who will attend the festivities in their jammies in front of the tellie… to use an English term…

May the Prince and the new Princess be as happy as The Lady and The Man…

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