“April is Grilled Cheese Month” #16: Dorset Red and Bangers Grilled Cheese

This cheese made by the Ford Farm on the Southern Coast of England has a nice smoky flavor from being naturally smoked over oak chips. With bangers, a sausage common in England and Ireland, the combination is dynamite…

Rustic English Bread – traditionally baked in a crock

Golden Glen Creamery Farmstead Butter

Ford Farm’s Dorset Red

Bangers – boiled, sliced and fried

For simple instructions on how to assemble a perfect grilled cheese sandwich,please click here.

Also, please visit Golden Glen Creamery by clicking here.

And visit Ford Farm by clicking here.

Trivia: Bangers get their name from their predilection to burst open when fried… to avoid this, boil them first and then slice them lengthwise before frying…

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