As many of you know, it was Beecher’s No Woman (which remains my all-time favorite cheese) that started this incredible blog journey The Lady and I have taken the last two and a half years. Not sure how The Lady feels, but I have enjoyed every slice as we discover more and more cheeses and share them with you… To honor the cheese that started it all, The Lady worked with me to design a special Jerk grilled cheese:


Crusty Rustic Bread

Golden Glen Creamery Farmstead Butter

Beecher’s No Woman

Jerk Chicken - The Lady used thigh meat as it is tastier and not as dry as breast meat tends to be when prepared as jerk.

Sweet Mango Chutney (to off-set the heat of the jerk chicken spices)

Tip: The Lady also served a sweet mango and cucumber salsa on the side. As this sandwich tends to be spicy, you will want to temper the heat with a refreshing side dish…

Please visit Beecher’s by clicking here.

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Also, please visit Golden Glen Creamery by clicking here.