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Willamette Valley Cheese Company’s French Prairie Brie

The Lady and The Man were at the Portland Farmers’ Market last weekend and picked up a mini-wheel of local brie, French Prairie, made by our friends at the Willamette Valley Cheese Company in Salem, Oregon.

The Lady served a cheese and pate board last night and included this brie. It was a major hit with all three of us; but The Man ate more than his share… what a surprise…

The bloomy rind is snowy white with an interior that is also snowy white; much whiter than most brie we enjoy around the manse. This particular wheel was also creamy to the point of almost (but not quite) runny. It was heavenly. The taste was buttery with just a note of sour. Sitting on a Whole Grain 34° Crispbread Cracker, this cheese treat sent The Man swooning to the point of being embarrassing… seriously…

The Lady carries WVCC’s Brindisi at her kiosk but sadly not this divine brie… I suspect she will attempt to rectify that situation… The Man would be grateful to have a slightly easier way to satisfy his French Prairie “jones”…

I give WVCC French Prairie 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: Serve with French bread or crackers; this cheese deserves to be served alone.

Wine Pairing: A bit of bubbly pairs well with this brie.

Beer Pairing:  Little Pookie’s Olde Ale from Steelhead Brewery Co.

Source: 100% Jersey Cow Milk

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