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You May Be a Cheese Nerd if…

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy… The Lady and I have been discussing what constitutes a “Cheese Nerd” and came up with the following list:

You May Be a Cheese Nerd if…

You have the “Big Cheese” starring Jason Sobocinski (Cooking Channel) permanently saved on your DVR.

You’ve driven more than fifty miles to a restaurant in a dicey neighborhood because they serve a mac n cheese you are just dying to try.

You have every local cheese shop on Speed Dial and their addresses on your GPS.

You think fine dining is mac n cheese.

You play traditional French Cabaret music while eating brie… what??? Doesn’t everyone???

You make a special trip to your favorite Cheese Shop just to check out their “Small Pieces” baskets for cheeses you’ve never tasted.

You collect cheese labels, a hobby known as Tyrosemiophilia.

You knew what Tyrosemiophilia meant before you read this list… now that’s sad…

There are 5 or more kinds of cheese in your fridge… worse yet, you have your own Cheese Refrigerator…

You have more than three autographed cheese books… The Lady has six… I have two of my own…

You refer to Allison Hooper as “Ally”.

You make other cheese friends posters of cheese labels like the one above…



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