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Fruition Farms Cacio Pecora

In August, The Lady attended a meeting at the Denver Headquarters of the American Cheese Society and sat next to Alex Seidel, Executive Chef and Owner of Denver’s Award-Winning Restaurant, Fruition. In addition to the restaurant being named one of the Top Ten New Restaurants in 2007, Alex was also named one of the Top Ten New Chefs of 2010 by Food and Wine Magazine. His shepherd was also at the meeting and The Lady learned they make cheese three days a week at the farm. In addition to making cheese, they grow the herbs and seasonal vegetables used at the restaurant and raise chickens for fresh eggs also used at Fruition. Denver has a huge foodie population who also believe in buying and eating local products. Fruition takes it one step further by growing much of their fresh food used in preparation of their dishes.

Coincidentally, The Lady had brought home a slice of his Cacio Pecora, a sheep’s milk cheese that comes from Alex’s Fruition Farms located in Larkspur, Colorado.

Cacio Pecora is a mild aged sheep milk cheese with that wonderful lanolin silkiness that comes with a cheese made from sheep milk which has more than double the butterfat you find in cow or goat milk. The aftertaste lingers with just a bit of tang – a perfect finish.

We love this cheese and every time The Lady travels to Denver, it is on her lists of “Must Haves”.

I give Fruition Cacio Pecora 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: On a cheese plate, it’s a perfect cheese to follow your fresh cheese and brie. We enjoyed this cheese with 34 Degree Natural Crackers (also from Denver)

Wine Pairing: A fruity blended red or a Pinot Noir.

Beer Pairing: Blonde Ale such as Colorado Mountain Brewery’s Blonde Ale

Source: Sheep Milk


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