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Roots Restaurant, East Vancouver’s Farm to Table Dining Experience

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For their anniversary this past August, The Man and The Lady had lunch at Roots, a Farm-to-Table restaurant in East Vancouver. It’s a sister restaurant to Lapellah, where they celebrated their anniversary the previous year. You can read our thoughts on Lapellah by clicking here.

The Lady, and The Man to a less extent… being more concerned with his own creature comforts, support buying local and the owners of Roots and Lapellah work hard to bring fresh local dishes to their customers and the result is awesome.

Oddly enough, with that said, The Cheese Plate on the menu which The Lady ordered for a starter, was all French cheeses… and all cheeses she and I love… as an aside, I was not invited to their lunch because Roots is yet another of those “No Pets Allowed” establishments that plague America… the health department seems to have a bias against the four-legged varieties of animals… finding the two-legged to be cleaner… yea right…

But I digress…

The first cheese on the plate was Fromage de Chevre, which translated means “Fresh Goat Cheese” and it was. Quite creamy and tangy with more than a slight citrus linger. The Lady spread it on date bread and declared it a winner. The second cheese was Mimolette, a bright orange semi-hard cheese  invented to satisfy the whim of one of the Louis’ that ruled France. The story goes, he wanted a cheese that was like Gouda but different. He commissioned a cheesemaker to fulfill his “dream” and Mimolette was born. It looks like a cantaloupe with the craggy rind that is the result of busy cheese mites pecking away at the rind and leaving behind a residue that makes the paste near the edge a little heartier than the middle. This was a young Mimolette and quite mild. Last on the plate was Fourme d’Ambert, another blue cheese favorite around the manse. Fourme d’Ambert has a bloomy, edible rind and is amazingly creamy with lots of veining.

For his appetizer The Man had an organic tomato soup which caused yet another swooning spell… how embarrassing… in public and all…

The Man had one of his favorite stand-byes as an entree, Fish and Chips. Local fish and local potatoes. The Lady had cheese tortellini in a cream sauce. Both raved.

Roots and its sister restaurant have Sunday Family-style dinners that focus on local, seasonal dishes. You won’t regret going to either restaurant.

When you’re in the ‘Couve, check them out.

Roots is located at 19215 SE 34th Street in the QFC Shopping Center. Lapellah is located at 2520 Columbia House Blvd. in the Fred Meyer Shopping Center off US 14 along the Columbia River.

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