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Holiday Cheese Board #4 – The Absolutely Perfect Pacific Northwest Cheese Board

Many of you are already sitting down to a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. This year, it’s just The Lady, The Man and me… exactly the way I like it… Having them ALL to myself… I am thankful this year that the manse is not filled with all these loud humankinds who take over my favorite chairs and monopolize The Lady and The Man and force me to hideout under the bed for the day…

I have reviewed all of the “Four-Paws” cheeses on our cheese board The Lady created for The Man and me today and I am linking to each review:

Gothberg Farms Fresh Chevre

The board started with Gothberg Farms Fresh Chevre made by our dear friend, Rhonda Gothberg on her farm in Bow, Washington. Light and lemony, the perfect start to a perfect cheese board.

Kurtwood Farms Dinah 

At the 2010 American Cheese Society, The Lady attended a seminar where Dinah, the divine camembert made by Kurt Timmermeister on his farm on Vashon Island in the southern part of the Puget Sound. You can read about Kurt’s journey from Restaurateur to Farmer in his book, Growing a Farmer. Please buy at by purchasing it through this site. The Lady found Dinah at the local New Seasons that just opened in East Vancouver.


Golden Glen Creamery River Cheddar

After Dinah we enjoyed River Cheddar from the Golden Glen Creamery, also located in Northern Washington State. This double cream cheddar is creamy and buttery with a pineapple finish.

Beecher’s Flagsheep 

As many of you know, my personal favorite cheese is No Woman which is made by our friends at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Seattle. Flagsheep is a combination of cow and sheep milks and is so smooth, it makes Frank Sinatra look rough around the edges…


Willapa Hills Farmstead Two-Faced Blue  

We finished the plate with another mixed milk cheese, Two-Faced Blue from Willapa Hills, another Farmstead Cheese made by our friends Stephen and Amy in Doty, Washington. With a smooth blue finish, this cheese was the perfect finish to a perfect Holiday Cheese Board.

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