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Holiday Cheese Board #5 When Milks Co-Mingle

This cheeseboard features cheeses all made with a mixture of milks adding a special edge to this cheese board.

La Tur

The first cheese is a favorite here at the manse. La Tur is what cheese heaven must be: a combination of cow, sheep and goat milk. You can read my full review by clicking here.

Carr Valley Mobay

Not previously reviewed by your favorite Feline Foodie, Mobay is Sid Cook’s homage to the famous French Morbier, with a twist. Morbier was traditionally made with morning and evening milks separated by ash. Sid went whimsical and has a layer of goat milk cheese and a layer of sheep milk cheese, separated by a layer of grape leaf ash. The sheep cheese is delicate while the goat cheese is a bit more rustic. Then eat them together and you get a third flavor profile. This a terrific cheese and it won a Silver at the recent World Cheese Awards.


From the Ilbesa Family of Cheeses we chose Luyan, a cheese made from cow and sheep milks. Buttery and creamy, this cheese captured my heart and is a perfect choice to follow the Mobay.


This is the most popular cheese sold in Spain. Iberico co-mingles the three milks for a wonderful flavor experience that explains its worldwide popularity. The cow milk balances the lanolin of the sheep and the tang of the goat.

Echo Mountain

From Rogue Creamery, this blue cheese is a combination of cow and goat milks. The Lady visited Rogue Creamery last summer and was lucky enough to meet one of the goats which provides milk for this cheese (pictured above). As many of you, our loyal readers know, Rogue Creamery is one of our favorite cheesemakers. And Echo Mountain is one of my 4 Paws cheeses… cause that’s all I’ve got…

You co-mingle milks and you end up with a winning Cheese Board.


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