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2011 World Cheese Awards – Winners We Have Reviewed

Just a few more days until the 2011 Feline Foodie Awards are announced; the awards that add just the right cheesey end to an otherwise perfect year… for the list of 2009 Winners, click here.

While we wait for my personal 2011 winners, here’s a list of the 2011 World Cheese Award Winners, I have reviewed in the past… I wonder if there will be a winner that underwhelmed moi, your favorite feline foodie:

Lady Laurier

VBCC – Coupole – Allison and Bob continue to impress the world with their goat cheeses…

*&^%$** Hard Goat Cheddar – this is the first time I have divulged the producer of that hard goat cheddar The Lady brought home on that vile day so long ago and yet so vivid in my memory… what I’d like to know… who judged this cheese… oh… I guess I still haven’t revealed the producer and we should keep it that way…

Cypress Grove – Lambchopper –  Born to be mild…

Gligora Dairy – Paski Sir


The Cellars at Jasper Hills – Clothbound Cheddar

Denhay – Farmhouse Cheddar

Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese – Bandage Wrapped Cheddar

Todd Trethowan – Gorwydd Caerphilly – OK, this is the real Caerphilly; not that cryovaced crap I tasted back in the day…

Appleby’s – Cheshire

Beemster – Vlaskaas

Parrano – This Gouda that thinks it’s a Parmesan makes the best Alfredo Sauce… seriously, the best ever… get The Lady’s Recipe by clicking here.

Old Amsterdam



Piave Vecchio

Parmigiano Reggiano

Grana Padano

Cello Riserva – Copper Kettle Parmesan

Sartori – Sarvecchio

VBCC – Mascarpone

BelGioioso – Burrata

Pont l’Eveque

Sartori – Dolcino

St. Agur


VBCC – Cremont

Carr Valley Cave-Aged Bolo Mellage

Kalbach Le Gruyere


Bleu d’Auvergne



Lincolnshire Poacher


Cahill’s Irish Porter

Sartori – Bellavitano

Lady Laurier d’ Arthabaska

Ilbesa – DM


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