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2012 Grilled Cheese Recipes


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April 1 – Beecher’s No Woman with Sully’s Date Jam on Sourdough

April 2 – Rogue Creamery’s Smoky Touvelle with Fresh Jalapeno and Vintner’s Kitchen’s Cherry Port Marmalade

April 3 – Appel Farms’ Smoked Gouda with Pears and Kelly’s Habanero Pepper Jelly

April 4 – Tillamook Extra Sharp Vintage White Cheddar with Prosciutto and Red Bell Peppers

April 5 – Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese with Litehouse Chocolate and Chili Spread

April 6 – BelGioioso Fontina and Cappicola and Dijonaise

April 7 – Sartori Merlot Bellavitano with Vintner’s Kitchen’s Fiery Chipolte Mustard and Calabrese

April 8 – Pimento Cheese with Tillamook Medium and Extra Sharp Vintage Cheddar

April 9 – Caprese Grilled Cheese

April 10 – Olivio with Dalmatia Fig Spread

April 11 – Aged Rembrandt with Pears and Vintner’s Kitchen’s Pear, Cranberry and Pinot Noir Jam

April 12 – Bleubry with Ficoco Spread

April 13 – Asiago with Pepperoni and Deli Mustard

April 14 – Bravo Farms Premium Cheddar with Pink Lady Apple and Fresh Basil

April 15 – Sartori Espresso Bellavitano with fresh, Shaved Asparagus

April 16 – Cultured Way Jalapeno Yogurt Cheese Cappicola

April 17 – Australian Boxing Cheddar with Quince Paste and Georgia Pecans

April 18 – Henning’s Mango Fire

April 19 – Sonoma Jack’s Parmesan/Peppercorn Wedges with Kalamatas

April 20 – Beecher’s Flagsheep with Vintner’s Kitchen Pinot Colada Jam

April 21 – Vincent Aged Gouda with Marinated Artichokes

April 22 – Avery Aames “Say Cheese” Grilled Cheese

April 23 – Cascadia Farm’s Sleeping Beauty and Harvest Song’s Wild Strawberry Jam

April 24 – Beecher’s Market Herbed-Curds and Honey Ham

April 25 – Open-Faced Grilled Cheese #25 – Pilgrim’s Pride Londoner Cheddar and Deli Ham on LaPanzanella Croccantini

April 26 – Jasper Hill Farm’s new Alpine-style cheese with fresh rosemary on LaPanzanella Croccontini

April 27 – Parrano, Ham and Dijon Mustard

April 28 – Croque Monsieur

April 29 – Great Ocean Road Cheddar

April 30 – Open-Faced Melted Caprese

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