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Jarlsberg Dip… Now Available at Fred Meyer Cheese Kiosks

If you Google “Jarlsberg Dip”, you’ll find hundreds of favorable reviews for this cheese dip available at King Soopers,  Kroger Stores and Murray’s Cheese Shops throughout the United States… humankinds all over America love this dip and now you can get it in the Pacific Northwest… at Fred Meyer.

The Man sampled Jarlsberg Dip at the Hawthorne Fred Meyer on Thursday and after he stopped swooning, he insisted The Lady bring some home, which she did… and I gotta tell you… this stuff is DA BOMB…

Currently you can buy the Original Recipe at Fred Meyer and… well… that’s all you need… until more flavors are available…

Here’s what people are saying about Jarlsberg Dip:

From food.com: DoryJean54: “A delicious cheese dip to spread on crackers!”

Another food.com contribtor: Kathy228: “Nutty and flavorful, this dip will go in a minute.”

From CopyKat.com: “So the last few times I have been to my cheese counter at my local Kroger store, they have had this fabulous Jarlsberg Dip there, and I have purchased it several times.”

From the Piggly-Wiggly blog (not associated with the grocery chain): “Seriously, this cheese dip is so addicting! It was love at first taste, I’m telling you. I first tried this dip at one of the sample stands at my local Kroger. Usually, the samples are well, eh- OK tasting. But when I had this dip, I actually went back and got another bite. (And *maybe* I went back for the 3rd time too…) I finally picked up the actual dip and ate the entire tub in one sitting. “

I give Jarlsberg Dip 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

So there you have it folks, run, don’t walk to your local Fred Meyer Cheese Kiosk and buy some Jarlsberg Dip… you’ll thank me…



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