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Sweet Virginia Girl – CD – Rob Kaufelt

I know your first question is… what the heck does a music CD have to do with cheese… The Artist, Rob Kaufelt, is also the Owner of Murray’s Cheese, the NYC Cheese Mecca that The Lady visits so often (last two weeks she flew in to hang with the cheese swells there…). Mr. Kaufelt also wrote The Murray’s Cheese Handbook; a guide to introduce you to Specialty Cheeses, many of which you can buy at their newly-remodeled shop at 254 Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village…

And that is why I decided to review Sweet, Virginia Girl.

Your second question, no doubt, is why in the world would a cheese-loving cat fancy himself to be a music critic… a valid question… in a previous “deployment”, I hung out with some Cat Swells who had migrated from Oklahoma to California with their migrant-farming owners. One of the humankinds traveling with them was the Great Woody Guthrie. Along the road, the migrant workers would play and sing their folk tunes. Woody learned much from them. That Dust Bowl Era  journey impacted much of his later songwriting… and that is what drew me to Sweet Virginia Girl.

Rob approaches his music and lyrics with an ability to distill human feelings down to their base roots. In much the way as Woody, Rob taps into the Working Man’s emotions, which are the Every Man’s emotions. The inner core of humankind doesn’t change with status. At the end of the day, Donald Trump’s heart breaks the same way as the rodeo clown.

In 24 Below, Kaufelt exposes the anguish of losing the family homestead; the desperation to recover and making the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to recapture what he lost. With the recession and loss by so many Americans of their homes to foreclosure, Rob, no doubt, has touched the souls of millions.

Gonna Miss You showcases the simpleness of your love moving on; “I’m gonna miss you when you’re gone…” and then comes the recognition that life goes on…

In Who’s Gonna Be There, Rob explores the loneliness of having no one to turn to in times of trouble and the sadness we face without someone to walk through life with us.

And I love the harmonica and piano.

I give Sweet, Virginia Girl 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

You can buy this CD and others by Rob, clicking here and scrolling down toward the bottom of the page.





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