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Scharfe Maxx Fondue at Murray’s Cheese

The Lady has been flying back and forth between the Pacific Northwest and New York to visit Murray’s Cheese. She was there twice in January and heads back to their Greenwich Village “Outpost” on Valentine’s Day… which means The Man and I will celebrate the day alone…together…

On her last trip, she was treated to a Fondue made using Murray’s Cave-Aged Scharfe Maxx, a washed-rind cheese made in a similar fashion to Appenzeller.

The Studer Family has been making cheese for three generations and once the Swiss Cheese Union collapsed, the family expanded their cheesemaking from Emmenthal and Appenzeller and began making Scharfe Maxx, more piquant than the other two. The Swiss Cheese Union controlled cheese manufacturing to the point that cheesemakers had no incentive to develop new cheeses. Lucky for all of us turophiles, the union went bye-bye and new cheeses were born.

A bit of cream is added to the thermalized milk (milk heated but short of pasteurization temperatures) to make the paste a bit fudgy and perfect for fondue.

In terms of flavor, there is a hint of beef and fried onions… in other words… delish.

Not sure what all went into the fondue The Lady was served, but if using The Lady’s Three Cheese Fondue , we would substitute the Scharfe Maxx for the Gruyere in that recipe.

Because Murray’s doesn’t invite me to NYC to hang out with the Cheese Swells… so I can contribute no paws to this fondue… however, The Lady claims it was one of the best fondues she had ever tasted… now… that’s annoying…left behind when great cheese is being served…

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