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Open-Faced Grilled Cheese #25: Pilgrim’s Choice Londoner Cheddar with Shaved Ham on LaPanzanella Croccantini

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As promised, although late in coming, The Lady and moi will continue to post our new grilled cheese pairings until we meet our pledge of 30 to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month…

Tonight The Lady took a right turn and decided to do the grilled cheese open-faced, which makes it a “melted” rather than a “grilled”… but who am I to argue over semantics with The Lady…

She treated The Man and moi to a new cheddar that her friends at DPI had shared with her on a recent visit to their offices: Pilgrim’s Choice Londoner Cheddar. Made in Somerset, in the heart of England’s “Cheddarland”, this cheddar is aged six months and quite robust and nutty. She snagged a morsel for my tasting before assembling her melted/grilled cheese.

She started with a Lapanzanella Croccantini (Original Flavor) and piled it high with shaved deli ham and topped it with several thin slices of the Londoner Cheddar. then she popped it into the toaster/broiler and a few minutes later she served this delish pairing to The Man, who… wait for it… swooned…

Why she failed to take a picture of the finished melted/grilled is beyond me… what can I say… she’s a mere humankind… these things are to be expected…

In case you don’t know how to make a grilled cheese, you can review my “How to Make a Grilled Cheese in 10 Easy Steps”.

And also check out our 2011 Grilled Cheese Recipes… 30 more pairing and combinations to try and enjoy…

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