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Becoming A Cheese: First Jasper Hill Farm Tasting

Please visit Culture Magazine’s Blog to read all the tasters thoughts and responses to the first three samples we received.

It’s thrilling to be a part of Birth of a Cheese 2012 and want to thank Culture Magazine and Jasper Hill Farm for this opportunity.

With the cheese came a questionnaire to fill out with initial reactions to appearance, aroma, texture and taste.  Wanting to impress, I found that challenging. Hopefully, the good folks at Jasper Hill won’t shake their heads and wonder about choosing me, “What were we thinking?”

Most of the cheese I taste is at the peak of its age and as the cheese maker wanted it enjoyed. To taste young cheese and then “follow” its aging is a special treat.

The three samples were in various stages of aging; all young; all on the way to becoming cheese… let me rephrase that… all on the way to becoming great cheese. The style is Alpine cheese, similar to a young Comte, Appenzeller or Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

The paste of all three is a gorgeous bright straw, indicating to me that JHF used raw milk. The rind on all three was slightly sticky and progressively brighter pink with age. The first sample had a hint of hay and the third had a hint of citrus both in aroma and taste.

The taste of all three was young; as I said above… on the way to being cheese; but not there yet. All were mellow with varying degrees of flavors emerging. The first was mellow, mild and ever so slightly buttery. In the second, a nuttiness began to emerge and The Man picked up sweet notes. The third had a sour cream with lemon flavors. As this cheese ages, I’m sure we’ll taste even more flavors and notes.

After sampling “naked”, The Man, The Cat and I then added some crackers and wild strawberry preserves from Croatia. We found the cheeses to be rich and filling, leaving lots for future uses. — Marcella

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