Grilled Cheese #26: Jasper Hill Farm’s Alpine Sample #120125 Open-Faced Sammy – Marcella The Cheesemonger International Guilde des Fromagers
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Grilled Cheese #26: Jasper Hill Farm’s Alpine Sample #120125 Open-Faced Sammy

To read all the panelists’ reactions, thoughts and recipes using the Jasper Hill Farm’s Alpine Samples, please visit Culture Magazine.

April was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. The Lady and I, your humble Feline Foodie, promised 30 new grilled cheese recipes… alas… to mis-quote the late, great John Lennon… “we had grilled cheese plans and then life got in the way”… so even into mid-May, we are still posting grilled cheese recipes… this one today is #26 and as with the last, this is actually an open-faced cheese melt.

The Lady took Jasper Hill Farm’s sample #120125 to make her latest cheese sammy…

Using Original La Panzanella Croccantini for her bread base, she topped it with Prosciutto and then JHF’s sample #120125. She sprinkled a little rosemary on top.

She popped it in the toaster oven and three minutes later… ta da… we had dinner.

Another terrific grilled/open-faced sammy for the grilled cheese recipe vaults and future reference… living with The Lady does have at least one good side… Cheese, Glorious Cheese

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