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Grilled Cheese #27: Parrano, Ham and Dijon Mustard

The Lady was out with some of her Cheese Swell friends at Papa Haydn’s in Portland this week and ordered a Croque Monsieur. It is a fancier version of what she made that evening for The Man… but you can pretty much make bet that #28 is going to be… wait for it… a Croque Monsieur…

She came home raving about the sammy and The Man said he was in the mood for a grilled cheese and reminded moi that I still had 4 grilled sammies to fulfil my  promise to produce 30 new ones in celebration of April being National grilled Cheese Month:


Bread (The Lady used Dave’s Killer Bread)

Dijon Mustard

wafer-thin Ham




Shred your Parrano. Remember your ratio: lots and lots of cheese for that gooey, delightful center.

As you know, The Lady and I have a long-running love affair with Parrano. It is so versatile; you can proudly add it to a sophisticated cheese board; you can use is to make the World’s Best Alfredo Sauce; you can use it in a grilled cheese… when you need Gouda; use Parrano… when you need Parmesan; use Parrano…

On the outside of your bread lightly coat with EVOO and place that side on your griddle. The spread some dijon mustard on the inside of the bread. Top with shredded Parrano, ham, more Parrano, mustard on the inside of your bread; bread on top and EVOO again…

Here is the easy 10 steps to make a winning grilled cheese sammy!!! For a complete list of grilled cheese sammies fro 2011 and 2012, click here.

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