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St. Andre Torta with Nectave, Prosciutto and Kalamatas

At LinkedIn, The Lady is a member of the Cheese Lovers group and one of the members, Jason, suggested a torta using St. Andre and smoked Salmon… it sounded divine to The Lady and moi; but alas, The Man hates salmon preferring to get his protein from the four-legged kind…

The Lady adapted the idea and used a mini St. Andre with Prosciutto de Parma, Kalamata Olives and Nectave, a premium organic agave nectar.

Before telling you what she did and how she did it… a few words about Nectave… The Lady and I have been seeing agave sweeteners advertised for a while but until recently neither of us had tried them. When The Lady was in New York last month, she and her cheese friend, Jennae, stopped in a tea shop on Bleecker in the West Village, and ordered ice tea. The only sweetener they had was agave nectar… The Lady and Jennae both liked it.

Recently, our marketing friend, Jim Lowes, contacted us about trying a new product, Nectave, and sent samples to us. They arrived yesterday and The Lady was already planning her torta and decided to use the Nectave rather than a fig preserve… excellent choice. The Nectave is sweet without being “overpowering” and it’s a clean sweetness that doesn’t detract from the other flavors.  (She used it in coffee and on cereal this morning and pland to try it next on Greek yoghurt…)

Now here’s what she did:


1 Mini St. Andre wheel

1/8 pound of Prosciutto de Parma, chopped

1/8 pound Kalamata olives, chopped


Balsamic Reduction


She sliced the St. Andre into 3 pieces, cake-style.

She covered the bottom layer with the chopped prosciutto and kalamatas.

She drizzled Nectave on the mixture.

She put the middle layer of the St. Andre on top of the mixture and repeated the process.

She put the top of the St. Andre on the mixture and drizzled more Nectave on top and finished by drizzling a bit of Balsamic Reduction on top and around the edges of the torta.

The combination of flavors, savory, buttery and sweet made for an intensely rich appetizer. The Man swooned… duh…

She served it with La Panzanella Original Mini Croccantinis 

I give this torta 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got). A full review of the Nectave and pairing with other cheeses will follow early next week…

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