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Countdown to the 50th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Marilyn Monroe died fifty years ago this week.

What’s more surprising to The Man and me is how many young people still know who she was and worship her memory. Recently The Lady mentioned Clark Gable to a 27-year-old friend who had NO idea who he was… but she knew well who Marilyn was…

What sets Marilyn apart? Was it her pure animal magnetism; was it simply her beauty; was it the mystery that surrounds her death?

It doesn’t really matter why, does it? The love and interest in Marilyn continues and shows no signs of waning.

This week thousands of fans will gather at her crypt to “celebrate” her life and remember a woman who died before many of them were born.

The Man, after years of his own fascination with Marilyn, has written and published Coroner’s Cold Case 81128: Marilyn Monroe. It has received several “5 Star” reviews on amazon.

You can buy his e-book for only $6.99 by clicking on the icon below. You don’t have to own a kindle to download this book. Amazon has a free download program available and then you can read it on multiple electronic devises.

You can also read my interview with him by clicking here.

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