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Four Great Years on the Internet!!!

Amazingly, four years ago The Lady and I began this journey of eating cheese, sleeping cheese and writing about cheese…

Now, more than 750 cheeses later and almost 500,000 unique visitors… The Lady and I are still having fun…

Here are the articles I wrote over the last year that you, my loyal readers, read the most and I thank you for taking the time:

10. The Beemster Family of Cheeses

9. Ford Farm Coastal Cheddar 

8. Beer and Generic Cheese Pairings 

7. Cahill’s Original Irish Porter Cheese 

6. Ten Uses For Parmesan Rinds 

5. Beer, Cheese and Food Pairings 

4. The Best Alfredo Sauce Ever… Seriously… Ever 

3. How to Build a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in 10 Easy Steps 

2. Hard Italian Cheeses 

and your favorite article is:

1. Wine and Cheese Pairings 

I think it’s safe to say, humankinds like to pair their cheeses with wine and beer…

Now for my personal favorites: 

10. The Smoking Incident – I got grounded…

9. My Review of a Hard Goat Cheddar – NO, it wasn’t Mary Quicke’s

8. Zoomorphic Delusions – seriously???

7. I Lay Down the Gauntlet… and Other Cheese-Related News – I question The Lady’s loyalty.

6. DPI: Spaulding Gray is Calling You Out – you be the judge…

5. You May be a Cheese Nerd If… – apologies to Jeff Foxworthy.

4. 2011 Feline Foodie Awards – my favorite cheeses of 2010 and 2011.

3. My Interview with the Author of Coroner’s Cold Case 81128: Marilyn Monroe – what can I say… I love The Man…

2. The Day Phyllis Closed the Niagara Street Bar – R.I.P Phyllis, we miss you.

and my personal favorite:

1. My Interview with Mike Wright, Beer Enthusiast – he knows what he likes!!!


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