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Surdyk’s Flights Wine Market and Bar

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The Lady had a three-hour layover at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport this past Saturday while traveling home from Columbus, Ohio and her most recent Murray’s Cheese Shop adventure. Thanks to a suggestion from our Cheesy Friend, Denise, the time was spent in a little nook of cheese heaven: Surdyk’s Flights Wine Market and Bar.

Surdyk’s Liquor is a Minneapolis institution; boasting to be be the Midwest’s largest liquor store since 1934. In addition to liquor, they sell wine, cheese and have a deli. Sounds like a “must see” when in Minneapolis…

As soon as she was off the plane, she asked a volunteer where she could find Surdyk’s and in addition to directions, she received a history of the store and a glowing recommendation for… wait for it… the Grilled Cheese Panini… seriously…

Off she went to find this cheese mecca and discovered an amazing shopping mall inside the security area of the airport. One would think they had entered a mini Mall of America… The Lady was in search of a Grilled Cheese Panini and skipped the other shops, promising herself… next time…

Back in the day, when The Lady worked for Delta Airlines, airport fare was greasy burgers and watery coffee… not much else… but times have changed…

Surdyk’s Flights is enough to make The Lady layover in Minneapolis from now on when traveling to the Midwest… say goodbye to Atlanta layovers…

The shop is divided with a food prep area down the middle with counter space on both sides. A small wine cellar is on one side and booths along the other wall. They have grab-n-go prepared fare and an eat-in menu sure to satisfy any finicky gourmet.

You can order wine flights: tastes of three different wines in whites, red and bubblies. You can order a salumi plate and cheese plates with either 3 or 5 cheeses. They offer salads and even tasty desserts. All designed to delight and relax even the most stressed traveler.

The Lady stayed with the recommendation and ordered the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Panini: Manchego, Widmer’s 4-year cheddar, caramelized onions and tomatoes. It was served with a small side of a tangy carrot salad. The Lady chose a glass of Valdoro Prosecco to accompany her sammy. Excellent choice. The menu didn’t designate that the cheddar was Widmer’s; she got that info from her friendly and knowledgeable server, Ethan.

The panini was oozing with cheese and grilled to perfection. The carrot salad was tasty with just a touch of bite… a preferred airport wait to the loud, crabby children waiting at the gate…

After the sandwich and the bubbly The Lady enjoyed a dessert of house-made creme brulee which was perfect and then she was off to her gate to return to The Man and her favorite Feline Foodie… all the while… plotting her next stopover in Minneapolis…

The Lady give Surdyk’s Flights 4 Paws… cause that’s all I’ve got to share… and I always share with The Lady…





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