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Carr Valley’s Bread Cheese

carr valley bread cheeseThe Lady and I have had bread cheese before but this is our first time tasting the one that Sid Cook and the gang make at Carr Valley Cheese.

In Scandinavia this style cheese is called Juustoleipa which translates as “cheese bread”.

At Carr Valley, after making the cheese, they bake it until it has a brown, crusty top.

Here at The Manse, The lady baked it at 300 degrees,cut it into cubes and divided it into several bowls. One bowl she added some fresh herbs and EVOO and tossed. Another, she simply added Nectave and tossed. In the third she added homemade strawberry preserves that my BFF, Becky, made this past August.

Bread Cheese is versatile and the ways to use it are pretty much only limited by your own imagination.

The fresh herbs and EVOO tossed portion she sauteed to add a little more crunch. This was my favorite of the three.

The Nectave tossed portion was heavenly; The Lady prefers Nectave to honey and uses it on everything from cereal to fruit to bread cheese…

The Man preferred the strawberry topped Bread Cheese.

Bread Cheese is buttery, salty and gooey with a mild taste making it perfect for pairing with just about any of your favorites; both savory and sweet.

I give Carr Valley Bread Cheese 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).


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