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The Feline Foodie Needs Your Help…

The Lady and I are already planning 2013 here at my website (don’t let the name of the site confuse you… it’s my site... The Lady is just window dressing… I do all the heavy lifting…)

To make some of these plans work, we need your help:

1. If you are a cheesemaker, we’d love to interview you… we know how busy you are… seriously… all I do is talk about cheese… you actually have to make it… so far, we’ve had the honor of interviewing 20 cheesemakers and sharing their lives with our loyal readers. We’d like to interview  30 more by the end of 2013. (If you don’t have time for an interview… at least take a few minutes and send us your favorite grilled cheese sammy for #2 below…)

2. We’re going to have a contest and giveaway in 2013 during April which is “officially” Grilled Cheese Month… I have absolutely no idea who declared it Grilled Cheese Month… but why not… here’s where we need your help: submit your favorite grilled cheese sammy now and we’ll post it on our Cheesemakers/Cheese Swells Favorite Grilled Cheese Sammy Page now and then when April rolls around, a Blue Ribbon Panel will pick one sammy to feature each week and that person will receive prizes… cheese and other cheesy things…

3. We have declared 2013: The Year of the Cheesemonger and are looking for your nominations of your favorite cheesemonger. We hope to feature 5 cheesemongers from around the world every week of 2013. Please send us the name and location of your favorite cheesemonger.

and finally…

4. We’re looking to add 500 more Fans to my Facebook Page: Spaulding Gray: Portland’s Feline Foodie and I’ d like to personally ask you to take a few minutes and check out our Facebook Page and then Click on the “Like” Icon on the right side of the page.

To submit your favorite grilled cheese sammy, your favorite cheesemonger or let us know as a cheesemaker you’re up for an interview with a cat… please comment below or send us an email @ yearofthecheesemonge (at) 

Thanks in advance for your help in making 2013 our best year ever in the wonderful world of cheese!!!

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