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Congratulations to the 2012 World Cheese Award Winners

Manchego DO Gran Reserva named World Cheese Awards champion 2012

Yesterday in Merry London, The 2012 World Cheese Awards were announced and several of our friends and favorite cheeses won and made this Feline Foodie proud to know them and call them friends…

The Super Gold Winners were declared the Best 55 Cheeses in the World with 16 chosen as the Best of the Best:

In the Top 16 were:

From our favorite Oregon Creamery: Rogue River Blue made by David Gremmels, Cary Bryant and all the special Cheesemakers at Rogue Creamery. Two-time winner of the American Cheese Society’s Best of Show (2009 and 2011) and Second Place in the Prestigious 2011 Feline Foodie Awards , RRB continues to wow the world! Congratulations to Cary and David and everyone at Rogue Creamery!! Read our interview with David Gremmels.

This summer we interviewed John Fiscalini, whose Bandage Wrapped Cheddar also made the top 16.

Rounding out the Top 55:

Midnight Moon from our friend Mary Keehn and Cypress Grove Chevre. Read our interview with Mary.

Sartori Limited Edition Cognac BellaVitano from Jim Sartori and the Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers of the Sartori Company. Read our interview with Jim Sartori. We love BellaVitano Gold but we haven’t had the pleasure of tasting this Limited Edition Cheese.

Kaltbach Le Gruyere from Emmi. Always a favorite around The Manse.

Beemster XO – another favorite here at The Manse.

And all of the above are 4 Paw winners… do I know good cheese or what???

Congratulations to all the winners. For the complete list including the Grand Prize Winner, visit The World Cheese Awards.

We’ll add all the winners we have reviewed to this post in the next few days… check back…



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