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Drix Wine Bar and Grill, Katy, Texas

The Lady and I hate to be critical… our philosophy is to glorify food… especially cheese… but sometimes, you just have to tell it the way it is…

The wine list at Drix is amazing. The lady chose an Italian Pinot Grigio and pronounced it superb.

The food at Driz was good; not particularly exceptional, but decent.

The Lady had asparagus rolled inside prosciutto with a little goat cheese tucked inside. The asparagus could have been trimmed; the ends were a little tough, but the flavors were good and paired well.

The Caesar’s Salad was just okay with commercial croutons… we hate commercial croutons…and the dressing was not made in-house…

The lobster ravioli with a cherry cream sauce was quite nice…

And the tiramisu was decent.

But here’s the rub… during the salad course three women came in to inquire about having a holiday party in the restaurant. Rather than take them into the back area of the restaurant, which was completely empty, the manager and The Lady’s Waiter “sold” them right next to table where The Lady was sitting. The women were loud and talked over each other and also over the manager. The Lady was hoping for a nice enjoyable quiet dinner… and that did not happen. Plus her waiter got so hung up in the potential sale, he ignored her… and those of you who know her well… know she really hates to be ignored. When the bill hits $50 for one person (without a tip), it should be enjoyed…

If Drix happens to read this… consider all of your guests and take your party business to a quiet place away from your diners…

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