2013: The Year of The Cheesemonger – Meet Jacque Cange – Marcella The Cheesemonger International Guilde des Fromagers
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2013: The Year of The Cheesemonger – Meet Jacque Cange


Our first Cheesemonger is Jacque Cange, who is a member of La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers. He lives in Beloeil, Belguim where he owns his own shop and ages many of the cheeses he sells.

Jacquy Cange is a fascinating man. His passion for cheese is to “watch” it grow and know when it is ripe and ready to be consumed. His passion extends into every facet of cheese retail.

Jacquy travels through Belgium, France and other countries, to find the small farm, the good producer who can bring a new taste to his assortment of quality cheeses.

Jacquy often compares his cheese-board with “painter’s pallet” where every taste must be present in different and additional nuances, with a touch of personal innovation.

In four cellars, he lets rest his various cheeses which need humidity, ventilation and a temperature adapted to the evolution of their dough. Rinds are carefully brushed, washed with delicacy. A watchful eye allows the slow and sweet evolution of these treasures …

He searches for the right cheeses; selects the best, ages them in his four caves and “presents” them when they are ready to be sold. Truly an artist.image004 for Jacque Cange

The Lady and I thank Jacque for agreeing to be our first Cheesemonger for 2013: The Year of the Cheesemonger.

You can contact Jacque:

Jeunes Affineurs Fromagers s.a.
Rue des Meuniers 46 – 7973 Beloeil
Tél. : +32 69 57 97 69


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