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Cheese Apps… They’ve Come A Long Way in Two Years

ipad cheese cheeseBack in April of 2011, when I first reported on cheese apps, the pickings were slim… not anymore… I decided to go shopping today for cheese, food and beverage apps and see what I could find:

From iTunes for your iPhone, iPod and iPad:

Cheese, Cheese – $1.99 from Quantis, Inc. Tons of photos, videos and recipes about cheese.

Cheese Matters – FREE  from National Foods, located “Down Under”. This app mixes and matches cheese with your favorite foods. 

Cheese Plate$2.99 (Limited time offer) by Food Journalist, Janet Fletcher. Janet uses her expertise to create twenty-five pairings.

Cheese Recipes – FREE from Binary Bits who have created many recipe apps.

Cheese & Wine$1.99 from Max Allen and Will Studd. Max brings his wine knowledge and pairs it with Will’s cheese knowledge to assist you in finding the pairings that work for you.

Charcuterie – $1.99 from the folks at Modernist Cooking… everything you need to know about cured meats from French Andouille to Weisswurst and every meat in between.ipad food porn

Fondue and Raclette – $2.99 from CulinartMedia. 50 Mouth-watering recipes to take you back to the seventies when fondue was queen… guess what??? It’s back!!!

Fondue Cooking Timer – FREE from Richey CS LLC… doesn’t everyone need a fondue cooking timer??? Just saying…

FoodPorn – $1.99 by D CotlerPinterest for foodies…

Food and Wine Magazine – FREE from American Express. The hard copy of this magazine is a favorite around The Manse.

Salumi – $1.99 by Michael Graham. The description says it is the most comprehensive app on cured meats.

Wine Pairing App – FREE from NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Limited. Pairs wine with all kinds of foods in addition to cheese.

Wine Picks and Pairings – FREE by Natalie MacLean. Named one of the five top wine pairing apps by both the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Wisconsin Cheese Cupid – FREE by Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. One of our favorites from one of our favorite cheesy states. Pairs cheese with wine, beer and spirits.

From Google Play for your Android and Smartphones:

askCheese Biz – FREE by Gourmet Business Fine Cheese & Charcuterie is a free digital magazine devoted to exploring the world of cheese, cured meats and other specialty foods from the deli.

Ask the Cheesemonger – $1.93 by MacIntosh and Bowman Cheesemongers from “Down Under”. This is one of The Lady’s favorite cheese apps. Good Living Magazines’ Top 25 Food Apps.

Cheese Facts – FREE by Dexter. Pictures and facts about cheese.

Cheese Glossary – $3.95 from Deep Powder Software. An app to assist you finding artisan cheeses.

Cheesy Pairings  – FREE from Golden Age Cheese. A simple pairing guide to make you look savvy when it comes to pairing cheese.ipad cheese matters

Cheese Tasting Tracker – FREE by Jason Arnold. Keep track of the cheeses you taste and what your thoughts were. You can even rate them… but can you give them 4 Paws???

iPairing: Wine, Food and Cheese – $0.99 by StoneRaven – App pairs 132 with more than 1400 foods and cheeses.

Pair Savvy – FREE from the California Milk Advisory Board. Start with your favorite California cheese and pair savvy will do the rest.

Wine and Food Pairing – FREE – by Brian Call. Fruit, nuts, veggies, seasonings… all paired with your favorite wines.

World Cheese Encyclopedia – $0.99 (limited Time Offer) from Colakey LLC. Information about more than 300 cheeses.

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