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Dorothy Lane Markets, Dayton, Ohio

Updated 4/1/2013… The Lady and I received an email from Nick with Dorothy Lane today: “


Hello Marcella and Spaulding,
Thank you for the nice blog post on February 22 about our Kiiller Brownie® and cheese shops. We’re glad you stopped in!
However, there was a factual error in your post I’m hoping you can correct:
“Back in the day, DLM mailed a “killer brownie” to customers on their birthday; not sure if they still mail them, but customers do get a free one on their birthdays if they visit a store.”
We’ve never given out a free Killer Brownie to our customers on their birthday via mail or otherwise. We did used to give our a 5-inch cake to kids 12 and under on their birthdays if they were a part of our Kids’ Club, but that was discontinued a few years ago.”
Thanks Nick for correcting our error… we were repeating a story told to us and should have confirmed it first…

Recently The Lady spent a week in Dayton, Ohio opening the new Murray’s Cheese Shop at the new Kroger Store in the new Austin Landing in Miamisburg, a ‘burb of Dayton.

One of her favorite things to do when visiting new cities is to also check out the local cheese shops (think: spying) and often she brings home goodies I have not tasted and sometimes I review them. Our Super Bowl Cheese Plate  included a few cheeses she found at the Dorothy Lane Market located on Main Street in Springsboro, Ohio.

Very reminiscent of Zupan’s Markets in Portland, Oregon, Dorothy Lane Markets consists of three locations that offer the range of specialty foods focusing on fresh and local.

dlm bakeryBack in the day, DLM mailed a “killer brownie” to customers on their birthday; not sure if they still mail them, but customers do get a free one on their birthdays if they visit a store. The Lady brought home three killer brownies for The Man and, as is to be expected, he swooned…

The Lady loved DLM – very clean with fabulous selections of specialty and local foods not avail in your everyday market.

Her favorite department was the cheese area where she found a friendly and knowledgeable monger making fresh mozzarella balls. The Lady has made fresh mozzarella a few times, but this monger was a whiz and there just isn’t anything like fresh, warm mozzarella… I suspect The Lady swooned, although she denied it when grilled… DLM Cheese

Since opening in 1948, DLM has been locally owned, making and maintaining lifelong relationships with local farmers and food suppliers. Most of their locall fare leaves the field at breakfast and arrive at DLM by lunch… now that’s local.

There were at least a dozen local cheeses in the case and most of the produce boasted local, even though it was January.

The meat and seafood offerings were impressive with most wild fished and caught using sustainable practices.

Another nice customer service offering: you can call in or fax your grocery list and when you arrive at the store, it’s bagged and waiting for you…

If you live around  Dayton, between DLM and Kroger; your food needs are covered… The Lady misses Dayton…


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