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Eggs Alexandra with Pimento Cheese From My Friend, Gretchen

Eggs Alexandra

A Brunch Dish rich enough for a Queen!

“There once lived a queen named Alexandra.  Though she was young and beautiful, her hair was as white as bleached bone, and her heart was almost as dead…”

So begins my original hour-long fairy tale, “The Legends of Alexandra”.  Recently I visited my parents and performed my story.  My Dad always cooks me breakfast when I visit, and one morning I got an egg idea so brilliant, it felt like bits of amethyst had burst inside my brain. At my direction he assembled: A piece of toast, smothered with my Mom’s pimiento cheese spread, all topped off with a sizzling fried egg. When I returned home, I experimented further and created a brunch dish rich enough for a queen.

I’ve dubbed this dish “Eggs Alexandra” in honor of my beautiful fairy tale queen.

My friend, Gretchen, is the Queen of the Toastmasters and knowing how much The Lady and I love Pimento Cheese, she shared her recipe with us:



1 English Muffin, toasted

2 Tablespoons “Patsy’s Pimiento Cheese Spread”*

1 Fried Egg

Begin by making: * “Patsy’s Pimiento Cheese Spread”

For preparation instructions, please click here:

Please visit her blog by clicking here. And you can visit her youtube page to view her “spin” on opera by clicking here.

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