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Westminster’s “Royal Addition” Cheddar


Updated 6/25/2013 with additional information from Alan Jenkins of Somerdale – see below:

You’ve got to give some extra kudos to the English; they love their Royals. And why not… some “decent” jewelry, some “nice” couture for the Ladies, juicy scandal that has spanned most of the 20th Century (remember Wallace Simpson… long before Charles decided to cheat on Diana… what was he thinking???) and that one burning question… what the heck does The Queen have in those purses??? But I digress…

The Lady and her new Cheese Friend Karol, headed out on a field trip to check out some competitive cheese shops (Think: spy) in the neighborhood and one stop was, of course, to the local Whole Foods Market. There they chatted with two lovely, friendly Cheesemongers, Danielle and Gina, and discovered that The Westminster Cheese Company, part of Somerdale, issued a special cheddar in honor of the upcoming birth of the Heir to the British throne, appropriately named “The Royal Addition”. There was only one piece left and The Lady, loving me as she does, brought it home for moi and The Man to taste it and then review it.

The Lady and I cruised the internet yesterday and could find nothing about the “story” of this cheese but we have sent emails to Westminster and Somerdale asking for more info and will add it when we learn more about its age, manufacturing, etc….

From Alan Jenkins of Somerdale:

Good afternoon, thank you so much for taking the time to review our cheese. We developed our 1 year old cheddar to commemorate the birth of Kate and Williams new born, the third in line to the thrown. The 9 lb waxed English cheddar is aged for 1 year and is made from the milk of grass fed cows. Of course the cheese contains no RBST or growth hormones in our milk and the cows grazing freely outside on pasture gives the cheese that wonderful creamy yellow colour. Cheddar originally came from England, so you are trying one of the originals!

This cheese is wrapped in black wax which means it is not a protected West County Farmhouse Cheese; if it were, it would have been wrapped in cheese cloth while aging… was this cheese made before the big announcement and held until William and Kate decided to add more Royals to the family? We simply don’t know and were unable to suss it out… but we’re trying as royally as we can… stay tuned…

This creamy, rich cheddar is the color of straw, perhaps from the addition of a little annatto and perhaps from beta carotene in the grass the cows eat… again, we just don’t know…

Regardless, this is a fine cheese; it’s buttery and mild and indeed, fit for a Prince or a Princess. The Lady served it with Matiz Date and Almond Cake, a favorite of The Man and a gift to him from Karol.

The Lady also put a little dollop of Dijon Mustard on the plate which made for a terrific pairing. I heard her telling The Man she will use the rest of the wedge today to make grilled sammies… stay tuned…

I give The Royal Addition 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: On a cheese plate, around 4pm; Ham and Cheese sandwiches; shredded into an omelette… you can do most anything you want with this cheddar.

Wine Pairing: A nice red blend.

Beer Pairing: Keep it English… how about an Imperial Stout

Source: Cow; most likely pasteurized using a Vegetarian Suitable Rennet to coagulate the milk…

Our thanks to Alan for answering our email and assisting us in providing the best information on this royal cheese!!!



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