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Parrano Pimento Cheese

IMG_20130630_122329_402It’s simply too hot to cook, although The Lady did get up at 4am today to make a Coconut Cake to celebrate Jamie Deen’s birthday.

Lots of salads, bowls of fruit, raw veggies with Al-Amir hummus and cheese with crackers; all hot weather-friendly dishes.

The Man discovered Pretzel Crisps recently and ate all the Half-Price Pimento Cheese Spread that The Lady made last week… it’s that same ole, same ole song… The Man hates to share…

However, The Lady holds the keys to my cheese fridge, which she keeps stocked, and today she made yet another pimento cheese combining cheddar and gouda. This time she used a wedge of Parrano and Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar.

Here’s what she did…


6 Ounces Chopped Pimento, with juice

6 Ounces Mayo

1 pound Extra Sharp Tillamook Cheddar

1/2 pound Parrano


Using the food processor, she blended the pimento, pimento juice and mayo. Adding the shred plate, she added the cheeses and blended until almost creamy…

Easy Peasy. She served it with, yep, Pretzel Crisps.IMG_20130630_151747_788

Now about that cake… The Lady and I avoid issues but decided to join Reverend Jesse Jackson, President Jimmy Carter and a couple million fans in showing solidarity with Paula Deen. This weekend is her son’s birthday and Jamie’s favorite cake is coconut. The Lady made one using Ms. Deen’s recipe from her Southern Cooking Bible, which you can buy on Amazon by clicking on the icon below. Of course, now we have coconut cake around The Manse; so it was a win-win… just sayin’…


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